Time travelling in Alcudia (Part III)

May 09, 2016
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We arrive to the end of our historical trip through the municipality of Alcudia. We left the last stage during the occupation of Mallorca by the Christians led by Jaime I the Conqueror and the later reign of Jaime II.

Modernity arrives to Alcudia:

It’s not a calm time. It started with the unification of the Crown of Aragon and of Castilla, by the Reyes Católicos and it produced big social conflicts. It was a stage where various epidemics appeared which decimated the population, like the Plague. Alcudia tried to protect itself from them with the construction of a second circuit of walls as per wish of King Felipe II. When the decrees of Nueva Planta arrived, they stated the rule where no other language but Spanish was allowed to be used and also stated the end of independent institutions. This provoked an avalanche of emigration and Alcudia was one of the municipalities that suffered most part of it. The population decreased frighteningly and it didn’t recover until mid 19th Century.

Due to the fiscal pressure that was practiced on the municipalities during the beginning of the 16th Century the Germanies rebellion detonated. It was a confrontation between the common people and the Nobility. These riots weren’t successful at all, moreover King Carlos V came out more powerful than before.

Alcudia benefited from this abrupt ending to the revolution as it was designated official City and got some privileges. These riots were very important at an artistic level as well, since the Nobles of Palma took refuge behind the walls of Alcudia (which belonged to the side called realistic) and spread their humanistic ideas to the local aristocracy during their refuge time.

All this derived in creations with a different stylistic language like old Casals, which nowadays still conserve the Renaissance characteristics.

We propose two visits to two characteristic Casals that manifest their style in the story we have told you. They are both on the same street, so there is no excuse to not visit them both.

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What: Can Torró

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