Tips for choosing accommodation in Majorca

June 15, 2018
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When you start planning your holiday in Majorca one of the most important points, which will largely determine whether your trip to Majorca is a wonderful experience or a fiasco, is the choice of accommodation. Here are four main reasons why renting a villa in Majorca is the best option.


1. At your own pace

The villa allows you freedom of movement. A holiday home, unlike a hotel, allows you to choose your own schedule and not have to stick to a schedule set by third parties.


2. Amplitude

The dimensions of a villa in Majorca have no point of comparison with a small apartment, and let alone a tiny hotel room. A must for those travelling in family or in a group.


3. Relax

A great advantage of the villas is their location. One thing that people travelling to Majorca for the first time do not have in mind is the distance: everything is close at hand in Majorca! This allows you to be located in a more secluded and quiet area without having to give up being well connected to any part of the island.


4. The extras

A villa in Majorca provides you with wonderful luxuries. From having a private swimming pool and a garden to enjoying quality moments with your family, for example, having a family barbecue. Or having your own kitchen, fully equipped, to prepare what you want most.


For these reasons, the ideal choice of accommodation is to rent a villa in Majorca. But, it is also very important to choose well with whom we contract our villa. At Sealand Villas we have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, with the objective always in mind that our clients enjoy the best holidays of their lives. During these 20 years we have been adding to our catalogue the best and most luxurious villas, all of them located in the most spectacular places of Majorca. In addition, our group of experts will be in charge of finding the villa in Majorca that best suits your needs. Not to mention those quality extras, such as car rental included or catering service with a luxury chef, which make Sealand Villas even more different from the rest of the options.


A villa in Majorca is a good choice but, if you book it with Sealand Villas, it will be an excellent choice.


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