September 11, 2015
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Mallorca is synonymous with landscape, so if you are staying in one of our villas, you can visit the 5 most spectacular viewpoints on the island. There is one for every liking and they are all equally spectacular.

Bellver Castle

Let's start with a simple viewpoint, one that you can reach by public transport or your own vehicle. Not far west of Palma de Mallorca is Bellver Castle, with a surprising circular shape and an excellent view over the bay of Palma and a good part of the south of the island.

Sa Calobra road

The MA-2141 is a spectacular road that leads up to the cove of Sa Calobra and can also be considered a lookout. It is plagued with twisty forks, and even a 360º curve, that will take you to one of the most unique areas of Mallorca, down the top of the Sierra de Tramuntana to the Mediterranean coast. Don’t be scared by all the curves, just enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Cap de Formentor

Some may say that the northernmost point of Mallorca offers the most spectacular views in the Balearic islands. Visit the Mal Pas viewpoint, on the side of the road; the lighthouse at the end, from which you can see Menorca on clear days; and you can even climb up the tower to admire the best views of Alcudia Bay.

Puig de Randa and the Cura Sanctuary

In contrast to the rugged west coast of Mallorca, the east is almost completely flat except for the Puig de Randa, a hill 543 meters high that oversees much of the island. As it often happens with famous mountains, there is a sanctuary and monastery at the top, in this case dedicated to Our Virgin Lady of Cura. You can visit the historic building, but the best part are the breathtaking views of the island.

Sa Dragonera viewpoint

Watching the sun set and melt into the Mediterranean is a luxury one can truly enjoy in the Balearic islands. Anywhere on the western coast is a option, but the sunset over Dragonera Island has a special charm. Just go to Sant Elm (San Telmo) and find a good viewpoint by the sea, there are many little paths that lead to the coast.

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