April 01, 2015
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Are you in good shape? Would you like to enjoy the surprises in store when delving into the heart of the island of Majorca? We suggest a tour that is perfect to discover the interior of the Serra de Tramuntana, following the path of a stream until you reach the sea... and not any part of the coast either, but Sa Calobra, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Balearic Islands.

Declared a natural monument in 2003, the Torrent de Pareis covers a distance of approximately five kilometers, three of which are formed by the winding course of the stream. Although considered a complicated excursion, it does not exclude the little ones (10 years old is considered an adequate starting age if they are fit enough to enjoy it). In any case, this hiking tour of approximately 5 hours should be accompanied by a specialized guide or people who know the trail extremely well.

The day begins in the town of Escorca (km 25.2 of the C-710), a half hour from Pollensa and 630 meters above sea level. Equipped with proper attire (specially footwear suitable for mountain hiking) and supplies (some food and lots of water), you will be ready to direct your steps towards remote locations like S'Entreforc, Gorg des Capellà, Cova des Romegueral, Pas de s'estaló and Gorg des Degotís.

Although in some places the path does get a bit complicated, hence the condition of being physically fit, the effort is well worth it. You'll cross the Majorcan mountains, experience the feeling of bliss that is breathing in nature at its purest, and with the added reward of overcoming a test that you will undoubtedly want to repeat.

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