Traditional Majorcan food

April 29, 2018
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As Deborah Carter said: “You have to taste the culture to understand it.” So, if you really want to feel that you’ve travelled to Majorca, you have to try their native food. We will then highlight some of the most typical dishes that you can enjoy in a restaurant or prepare yourself in the kitchen of your house in Majorca.






One of the most characteristic local products. Sobrassada is a raw sausage, cured pork with paprika, which gives its characteristic red color.

Pa amb oli:

The translation of the Majorcan would be “bread with oil”. Its preparation is very simple but not less tasty, just rub some garlic and tomato on a slice of toasted bread, add a drizzle of olive oil and some typical sausage as the famous spanish smoked ham “Jamón Serrano”, cheese or Camaiot. The Camaiot is a sausage of pork seasoned with spices: black pepper, pepper and anise.

A great snack, ideal for preapring with your family in your villa in Mallorca. Children will have lots of fun, scrubbing the garlic and tomato against the bread.


Mallorcan panades

This tipical pie is made of a tasty dough, of circular form, with lard and filled with pieces of veal and peas.




Lechona asada:

The roasted suckling pig, “porsella” in mallorquin, with its roasted crispy skin and a meat so tasty it melts in the mouth, is one of those dishes that in itself makes it worth a trip to Majorca.

Coca de trampó:

The “trampó” is a tipical salad with tomato, onion and pepper, chopped very fine and seasoned with oil and salt. Taken so it is more refreshing, but it can also be taken in coca.

Coca is a mass of flour, to which you add the trampó, to make it in the oven. Rich, rich.



The “Tumbet” is a very typical dish of the area. The main ingredients are potatoes, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Normally you add some meat, like pork loin.






No doubt, the “Ensaimada” is the most popular star dessert. A common image in the Palma Airport, is to see tourists returning from their holidays in Majorca with one, or several, boxes of ensaimada. There are lots of varieties, from the smooth - unfilled - to those filled with pumpkin, cream, chocolate, cream, etc.


A pie of puff pastry, which, like the ensaimada, also has a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory.


So, are you already getting hungry?


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