Travel to Majorca with the family

September 30, 2017
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When we plan a family holiday, especially if it is a large one, one of the issues that most worry is: where are we going to go all of us?

In the event that you are considering spending your holidays in Majorca ─you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise─ the solution is clear: rent a villa in Majorca.


Everyone wins when renting a villa

On the one hand, when you stay in a holiday home in Majorca, you want to relax because you can stop worrying so much about your children. In a hotel you have to be vigilant at all times of what they are doing, plus a hotel room is too small for the children’s energy. In a villa in Majorca, all the space is for you, without having to worry about disturbing people or anyone bothering you. In addition, thanks to the garden area and the private pool, children can play outdoors by releasing all that hyperactivity so typical of the age.

Adults also win. The holiday home becomes a second home away from home. You can relax and avoid the stress caused by crowded hotels, especially in a place as eminently touristic as Majorca. In a villa in Majorca you can move around the house, adapt the schedules to your lifestyle, easily park inside the property and a long etcetera of amenities that a villa in Majorca offers you over a hotel room.

Another advantage of the villas is the kitchen. This is essential in the case of food-specific needs: food intolerance, following a diet, etc. Thanks to your own kitchen, you won’t have to fold to the hotels’ schedules. In addition, a kitchen can give you some of the best memories on a trip, such as preparing a dish with the kids or holding a barbecue in the garden by the pool. Many times, the most special moments of a trip arise in the most unexpected moments.

Even if it's something not glamorous at all, if you're travelling with kids, having your own washing machine can be a gift. We all know how easy children get dirty and a washing machine can save your life. In addition, in the family vacation, you feel that you travel with half of the house as baggage, not forgetting the difficulties of going loaded with suitcases. If you have a washing machine, the amount of clothing needed when travelling is drastically reduced.

But basically, staying in your own private villa sounds like luxury, right?


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