Travelling to Mallorca: A cross marks the spot

February 27, 2017
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If you choose renting a house in Spain, you will be surprised how many churches and cathedrals you can find anywhere. However, having so many churches is something common if you think about the close relation between Spain and Christianity. If you have chosen to rent a villa in Majorca, you shouldn’t be wasting the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, Palma’s Cathedral.


The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

Enjoying some holidays in Mallorca ─among other pleasures─, will allow you to discover one of the most important and spectacular gothic cathedrals in the world. Known in Majorcan accent as “La Seu”, its construction started in the 13th century by King James I and it is known around the world for its huge rose window and for its big flying buttresses that compensate the big gap between the central and the lateral naves.


Enlightening your trip to Mallorca

Don’t hesitate and get out of your villa in Mallorca to see one of the biggest rose windows in the European architecture with its 13 meters diameter. Moreover, the island’s brightness highlights even more the colour from the windows, which filter the sunlight. Inside the rose window, the glass forms a six-point star or Star of David.


22 plus 1111 equal 8

Espectacle del vuit

This small hieroglyphic hides a not so known curiosity of Palma’s Cathedral. On February 2nd and November 11th, an eight is formed out of nowhere in la Seu.

The Light Show Eight, known in Catalan as “espectacle del vuit”, is a curious phenomenon that happens only during those two days. The sunlight hits the main rose window projecting the colours underneath the other rose window in front, thus forming an 8 with the smaller window rose built in that wall.

The Light Show Eight is one of many reasons why renting a villa in Mallorca is a good idea even during the winter months. Most people choose coming to Mallorca during summer months. Those two days give you the opportunity to see the island in a different and secret way, avoiding crowds everywhere.


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