Travelling to Mallorca in January: Mallorca is on fire

November 27, 2016
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It can be surprising, but January can be the perfect month to rent a holiday villa in Mallorca to enjoy more than ever the island’s heat. January is the month of correfocs (meaning fire-runs).

Correfocs and devils.

Correfocs and devils are a very rooted tradition in the Balearic folklore. It is customary to dress kids up as devils. The tradition of celebrating Sant Antoni (Saint Anthony’s day), with fire will amaze tourists that decide to visit Mallorca in January.

The origin of the festivity originated from the Ball de diables (Devils’ dance) during the 13th century, and with time, has evolved to its actual form. The festivity consist in people dressing up, most of them as devils, that parade during night-time jumping and dancing surrounded by sparks, music, bonfires and fireworks.

Nowadays, they have become impressive pyrotechnic shows in which other than fireworks, we also can enjoy many entertainment options at the same time that we taste some of the local traditional gastronomy: sobrassada, trempó, herb liqueur, different types of wine, orange liqueur from Sóller, ensaïmada, etc.


Saint Sebastian’s correfoc.

For those of you who choose to travel to Mallorca and to rent a villa in January, you cannot miss Saint Sebastian festivities in Palma, one of the most impressive festivities of Mallorca. Its spectacular correfoc starts from Plaça de la Porta de Santa Catalina (next to the Es Baluard museum) till Plaça del Rei Joan Carles I, where it finishes with a grand finale. In order to have an idea how big the show is: 180 kg of pyrotechnic material is burnt and groups of more than 200 people dressed as devils accompanied by 190 drummers run through the streets of Palma.

But for your holidays in Mallorca, all of the above is not enough. Besides the fireworks, we can enjoy more than 70 different activities, aimed for the inhabitants and for the tourists, concerts in 8 different squares around Palma, castells (human towers), a solidarity festival, typical food stands, and even dragons that spit fire!

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