A trip around the Balearic gastronomy

June 21, 2016
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To think about mallorquin gastronomy is to think about ensaïmadas and sobrasadas. But the reality is that Mallorca has a big variety of typical plates, all of which you will want to taste! The question is: Do you prefer sweet or savory? Whatever your preference is, take note:

1. Trampó

Trampó is a salad with tomato, green pepper and onion, all cut in little pieces and with olive oil and salt. So simple, yet so healthy, tasty and refreshing. It is very appealing when the weather is warm. You can also have it on a pastry called coca de trampó, which is delicious.

2. Tumbet

A very typical plate from Mallorca, extended to other areas from the province of Castellón, which was originated from the surplus of seasonal vegetables like aubergines, potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes. It is normally served as a side plate of other dishes like meat, eggs or fish.

3. Mallorquin roasted suckling pig

It is a typical plate for special occasions and celebrations, for example Christmas. Families normally cook it when there are many people coming home for lunch on one of these special occasions.

4. Mallorquin “Soup”

Very popular in Mallorca just like its name indicates. It is prepared with vegetables and sided with traditional dry bread slices cut very finely. Normally cooked with onion, pepper and cabbage.

5. Frito mallorquín

A traditional recipe of Mallorca. Very popular amongst tourists, in which the meat, the entrails, the liver and the blood of animals such as the pork or the lamb are cooked.

6. Arroz brut

It is a very spiced rice soup in which you add meat (normally from birds and hunt) and seasonal vegetables. The plate admits variations and that is why you will also be able to find snails or sobrasada, for example. The name arroz brut, which means dirty rice in mallorquin, comes precisely from the big variety of ingredients, which make the soup “dirty”.

7. Quartos embetumats

After all the previous dishes, it is now the turn for a typical dessert of Palma de Mallorca, which is known to have been around since the 19th Century. It is a very light and spongy cake, filled with candied yolk and covered by meringue or chocolate.

8. Cremadillos

Another sweet dessert from Mallorca. It is a puff pastry with the shape of a patty which we can find stuffed with different fillings, either sweet or savory. The most popular filling is custard.

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