October 22, 2015
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Autumn is the season when days get shorter and colder. In Mallorca, it is synonymous with mushrooms, and a wide selection is always present in every market on the island. Kitchens smell like stews and soups again, providing the nutrients needed to tackle the temperature drop. As during all seasons, Majorcan cuisine takes advantage of seasonal produce to elaborate delicious dishes.

Arròs brut (Dity rice) A spicy and brothy rice. The name comes from its murky broth, made with spices (saffron, cinnamon and pepper), as well as chopped rabbit or chicken liver, added at the end of the cooking process. Originally, it was made with seasonal vegetables, local meat and sausages, like botifarró or sobrasada (blood sausages). There are several types and it can also be prepared with mushrooms. Although the original recipe was prepared with hare, it is also made with chicken, rabbit and lean pork.

Llom amb col (Pork loin with cabbage) This dish combines meat and vegetables in a different way and with an old-timey taste. This delicious dish is made of pork wrapped in cabbage leaves, with the added flavour of Majorcan sobrassada and botifarró (spicy sausages).

Cargols (Mallorcan Snails) Served in a thick and well spiced broth, where the snails are stewed with tomatoes, potatoes and onions. This is a tasty dish for lovers of strong and spicy flavours. Always served with aioli as accompaniment.

Conill amb ceba (Rabbit with onion) A very easy dish to cook but also incredibly tasty. A very creamy stew prepared in a greixonera (clay pot) and served accompanied by chips.

Pa de figa (Fig bread) A traditional dessert made with figs, spices and nuts. Formerly, fig bread was a sweet and an important energy supply for farmers, who had to face heavy tasks in the field.

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