The Weather in Majorca

December 30, 2019
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One of the main attractions, for which hundreds of thousands of tourists decide every year to travel to Majorca, is the island's privileged climate. Majorca's Mediterranean climate means that, almost all year round, temperatures are pleasant and mild.  But depending on the season, the island of Majorca always offers a different kind of holiday.

In this article, we will try to show you the different possibilities with their advantages and disadvantages that the island can offer depending on the season you choose to travel to Mallorca.

So, let's see when is the best time to visit Mallorca.


summer in majorca

June, July and August are the warmest months, with an average temperature of around 30ºC. It is the ideal time for those who like to go out and enjoy the beach during their holidays in Majorca. It is also the busiest time when there is more nightlife and leisure. Of course, this also has a disadvantage, namely that it is the time of year when the island is more crowded.

If you are travelling to Majorca during these months, we recommend you to rent a villa. In contrast to a hotel, a holiday home allows you to enjoy your space away from overcrowding. Due to the manageable size of the island Mallorca you have also from secluded places short access routes.


These two months are usually a good option for those looking for a good climate (with an average of about 20-25 ºC) but without being excessively hot, you can also enjoy the beaches. Also the affluence of tourism is smaller during these months. It is not that the island is empty, but of course there is not the flood of people of the summer months.  Let's say it's the ideal: neither too cold nor too hot.


orange tree in Soller

December, January and February are usually the coldest months (January being the coldest), with an average maximum temperature of around 15ºC. Of course these are not the months chosen by tourists looking for sun and beach during their holidays in Majorca, but travelling in these months offers some very interesting possibilities that should not be underestimated. On the one hand it is the best time to discover the island with tranquillity and to enjoy a more authentic experience of Majorca in which you can feel the reality of the island and its inhabitants. Also, if the Tramuntana mountain range (a UNESCO heritage site) is already spectacular in itself, imagine if you are lucky enough to see it snowed in. 

almond bloom in majorca

In February you can also contemplate the almond trees in bloom, another spectacle worth seeing. Finally, another great advantage of travelling during these months are the prices, everything is much cheaper.


Autumn in Majorca

Although each month has its own characteristics, we have summarized them because they are all characterized by climatic instability, not only within the month itself, but also from one year to the next. There is no guarantee that the climate is good. However, the prices for renting a villa in Majorca are usually low.


Although the temperature in Majorca is generally very good in this first full autumn month, with an average temperature of 23 ºC, it is usually also the rainiest month. The advantage of rainfall is that you can visit natural springs such as Ses Fonts Ufanes with the currents at their peak of intensity.


The average maximum temperature drops significantly to 18ºC. It is also a rainy month, although less than the previous one.


Average 17ºC and early spring. There is also the possibility of rain.


A maximum average of 19 ºC. A month that is ideal for all kinds of excursions in Majorca. And for the more courageous, to take the first bath of the season.

majorca view

And now that you know all about the weather in Mallorca, in which month would you rather travel to Majorca?

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