December 04, 2015
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Christmas is a holiday full of magic and good wishes, an ideal holiday to spend with the family and the little ones in the house.

In Majorca the festivities begin earlier, on the 24th of November in the Palma Cathedral with the traditional song of the Sibyl, declared by UNESCO in 2010 as Intangible Cultural Interest.  It is one of the few living examples of medieval folklore that only survived in Majorca, Valencia and Catalonia .

After the mass, people go to the bars or cafes, to meet friends and acquaintances. Drinking hot chocolate with sweet pastries or simply drink a glass of wine or a beer.

1. Visit Nativity Scenes:

In Majorca it is a tradition to make cribs to exhibit them, a fantastic reason to take a stroll with the children, since it is made for the children to enjoy the excitement that Christmas brings them.

2. Popular markets:

During this time of year numerous markets are organized. Gastronomical, clothing, antiques... It is a good moment to pass by and bargain for an item you can use in the upcoming year. Retailers tend to offer special discounts at this time of year. 

3. Solidarity

We mustn't forget that Christmas is a religious celebration and solidarity is an important element. You can collaborate with NGOs, contributing to funds but also with any initiative that helps others in need, when possible, at Christmas time.

4. Gastronomy:

Many people choose this time of the year to get down to cooking. Whether it is to relax or try new things, the kitchen in another activity that is enjoyable at Christmas. Furthermore, in this way you can help out in the kitchen with other friends or relatives who normally do all the cooking in the house.

5. The Three Kings Parade

On the 5th of January by boat to the port of Palma, to the old dock where the there is the marine trade stock, La Llotja. A group of 400 safeguards and more than twenty festive carriages, music and fireworks are waiting for you. After the Lords of the East had changed the boat for camels and fixed their capes, baggy trousers and tilted crowns, the trailer moves - according to legend  - from the dock through «Passeig Sagrera», «Jaume II», and «Borne» to «Plaza de Cort », the local Council square. On its journey there, sweets are thrown to the enthusiastic crowd.

6. Dedication to the Epiphany

Nevertheless, on the day of Epiphany the adults do not remain empty handed: Next to the Cathedral a feature is presented called "Dedication to the Epiphany". However, this theatrical feature has been developed with time until converting into a cabaret event: Public figures represent theatrically, Bible figures that transmit fun, irony and sometimes sarcasm to current political themes.

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