Where a Mallorcan would eat (part 2)

March 24, 2016
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As you should already know, eating well is something that characterizes the Mallorcan people, well besides having the good fortune of living in such a paradise. Today we present to you the second part of our culinary recommendations, based on discussions had with authentic islanders, who have shared their table manners with us. It is very interesting to know where the locals would eat, to avoid gastronomic disappointments or exorbitant prices oriented to mass tourism. 

Cal Dimoni

If you´re hungry, don´t even doubt it. Cal Dimoni is a go to place for the Mallorcan locals to satisfy the hunger and thirst for good old fashioned grilled meat accompanied by typical dishes, all of the Mallorcan island cuisine of course. It is a restaurant/grill ideal for visiting with kids, it has play areas as well as dishes and desserts thought out and designed especially for the enjoyment of the youngest members of the family. They will also enjoy the visit of the famous Dimoni, the demon who goes from table to table challenging the children and treating them with candy.

The restaurant is not a particularly quiet place for the older family members. It is usually pretty noisy, but they serve one of the best steaks on the island so when you taste their lamb chops with gravy the noise will disappear with the juice from the meat.

What: it is essential that you try the lamb ribs with potatoes, accompanied with thick grill toasted Mallorcan bread dipped in aioli.

When: every day except Wednesdays (they are closed on Wednesdays) from 12h to 00:00h.

How much: around 20-30 euros per person, depending on what you order.

Where: Carretera vieja de Manacor, s/n Salida 21, Algaida.

Es Grop

This restaurant is in the town center of Sineu, a town about 40 km from the city of Palma. It is convenient to rent a car to arrive (as it is generally convenient to rent a car to do anything in Mallorca), taking into consideration that the bus service is still not too fluid, especially in the winter.

It is an old wine cellar (celler in Mallorquin), where you can enjoy typical Mallorcan dishes with a very reasonable quality to price ratio. Everything is homemade and delicious, but we highly recommend that you try the suckling pig with potato, because it will not leave you hungry or indifferent. The Mallorcan Frito that you can try here is exquisite, it is freshly made and one of Mallorca´s most typical dishes. In addition, another of Es Grop´s popular dishes is their lamb shank, served with baked potatoes and carrots cooked in their own juice, a real treat. Do not be thrown off by its first impression of only catering to typical homemade dishes, and experience their savory delicacies.   

What: it is essential that you try their suckling pig.

When: from Tuesday to Sunday from 12h to 17h and 19h to 23h.

How much:  about 30 Euros per person.

Where: Carrer Major, 18 Sineu.

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