Why rent a villa in Pollensa?

April 05, 2019
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If you are going to travel to Majorca one of the most important decisions is to choose the accommodation. This question will determine to a great extent whether or not you enjoy a dream holiday in Majorca.


Why a villa?

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the choice between a villa in Majorca and another type of accommodation is the easiest. And it is that the possibilities that gives you a villa in Majorca are infinitely superior; with a villa you win exponentially in tranquility, independence and luxury with respect to the rest of options of lodging. Nothing better than renting a holiday home in Majorca to enjoy the island at another level.


Why in Pollensa?

The next step, once you have decided that you are going to spend your holidays on Majorca in a villa, is to choose in which area of the island. And in this choice the area of Pollensa and Alcudia clearly stand out from the rest for many reasons that we will now explain.

The first and fundamental reason to choose Pollensa is its privileged location on the island. On the one hand it is a coastal location, and not just any coastal location, but one of the most beautiful on the Majorcan coast. On the other hand, it is also close to the mountain, and not just any mountain, but to the Tramontana mountain range, declared a UNESCO Heritage Site.

In Pollensa you can also enjoy an area with atmosphere and fun, but without reaching the exaggerated overcrowding of places like Palma, the capital. And, having chosen to stay in a villa in Majorca, you can always find peace within your spacious home or strolling through its garden and enjoying your private swimming pool exclusively. But also, the day you look for the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of Palma de Majorca in just 40 minutes by car you can enjoy the wide range of offers in the heart of the city.

A balance between tradition and modernity. Although Pollensa is a town that meets the needs of its visitors, it also offers a face that reflects the most traditional and idiosyncratic character of the island. That nowadays, where everything seems to be made in series, we are more and more grateful for sites with their own personality and that do not look like clones of each other.

Finally, for the more sporty visitors, Pollensa is a perfect place for cycling, with some of the best routes on the island, and golf, with a wonderful course so you don’t lower your handicap during your holidays in Majorca.


In short, Pollensa has everything: sea and mountains, tranquillity and animation, tradition and modernity, . . . and, hopefully soon, you and your best holidays.


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