The wine route

May 23, 2016
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It’s not a secret that Mallorca offers its residents and visitors a very extensive gastronomical culture, but for sure many people ignore the relation of the island with wine.

There is proof that confirms the relation of Mallorca with wine since 700 b.c. An example of this proof are the objects found in different excavations which experts in archeology assure were clay recipients for the commercialization of wine on the Balearics as well as on the rest of the mainland.

Even if the history of wine in Mallorca is so ancient, it looks like it wasn’t until the arrival of the Roman Empire when they started taking this matter seriously and developing this crop in different parts of the island. During the Muslim domination, the growing of the vine continued and even improved thanks to the complex but efficient watering systems brought by the Arabs.

In 1229, when Mallorca was taken by the Christians by Jaime I the Conqueror, multiple structural changes happened, and wine, fortunately, wasn’t in that list. The king gave farming licenses to vine cultivation to the regions of Campos, Bunyola, Felanitx, Porreres, Valldemossa and Manacor. From that moment on, the grape business starts in Mallorca and only grows to be one of the most exported products in the island. It is also one of the main lifestyles within its inhabitants. And so…up until our time when wine production is a very important part of the economy of the island.

We have now gone through a very general overview of the history of wine in Mallorca, and we can introduce you to the plan we have prepared for today: The wine route. Five stops in 5 of the most important cellars that are currently open. You will be able to taste wines and know the process of production, as well as walk through the vineyards.

There are many companies that are dedicated to program activities and excursions related to the wine, that is why we recommend that before starting this adventure, you take a look at all of them so you can choose the price and quality that you prefer. We suggest a plan that you can make without having to book an excursion.

Route of the most important cellars of Mallorca

1. Bodegas Antonio Nadal

Address: Finca Son Roig, Camí de Son Roig, Binissalem

Telephone: 639 660 945

2. Bodegas JoséLuisFerrer

Address: Calle Conquistador, 103, Binissalem

Telephone: 971 511 050

3. Celler CanRamis

Address: Calle Sor Francinaina Cirer, 14, Sencelles

Telephone: 971 872 418

4. Bodegas TiannaNegre

Address: Finca Es Pinaret, Camí des Mitjans Pol.7 Parcela 67, Binissalem

Telephone: 971 886 826


Address: Camí de Coanegra s/n, Santa María del Camí

Telephone: 971 140 014

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