Winter in Majorca?

October 09, 2016
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It is over: the heat, the humidity and the beaches are over. We bet many people still want to visit Majorca and enjoy it the traditional way: beaches, coves, sun, tanning and the Beach Cub. We are sure that for most of the people this is music to their ears, but have you ever thought about enjoy Majorca in a different way? Wine, gastronomy, Spa, sports and a hot chocolate don’t sound that bad, right? That’s why we are here for, to show you the amazing things Majorca has to offer to anyone who wants to visit during winter.

Wine route

The wine from Majorca is an allure that not everyone knows about. To this day, there are approximately 70 wineries, so we can assure you a wide variety of wines to taste during your stay in the islands. We propose to spend a winter day touring the wineries with “Denomination of origin” from Binissalem. You can even find and online guide to know in depth the wineries from the region so that you can visit one after the other, as well as increasing the information about the nearby wines and villages within the route.

Learn about Majorcan gastronomy

You can surprise your friends and family with everything you will learn about Majorcan cuisine. We can advance you it is wide and tasty. You will find plenty of classes for any level taught by renowned chefs. Learn to elaborate sobrassada or how to prepare the traditional Majorcan ensaïmada. Whichever level you choose for your class, we are sure it won’t leave you indifferent ─nor your future dinner guests─.

Relax in the Spa

Winter can be the perfect time to look after you, spoil and treat yourself to a Spa day. There are many hotels that are open all year long to offer this kind of holidays. It is true that you can also find them open during summer but during winter you can take advantage and find amazing deals up to 50% off.  Enjoying a Spa during winter has its perks... Imagine being in a bubble Jacuzzi at 30º C while you see the rain through large windows.

Practice Golf or Tennis

Those who love sports know it does not matter if it is cold or hot outside as long as you enjoy practicing your favourite sport. The most important thing is to be able to practice it inside facilities with the same high standards you expect for your holidays. It is no secret that most hotels in Majorca have professional tennis courts. Take advantage of the winter to visit them and practice your service!

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